In the world of Eberron and the country of Breland is Shard: The Clockwork City. Devoid of magic, Shard is made of gears, cogs, steam, and a special floating ore called Magnus. Welcome to Shard…Welcome to high adventure…

The surface of Eberron streches from horizon to horizon, a patchwork of fields and forests, oceans and mountains, deserts, swamps, jungles tundra, and more. Beneath a yellow sun, Eberron’s varied environments give way one to another across each continent. Mountains rise, valleys fall, and water surrounds the land. This campaign takes place in the continent of Khorvaire in the country of Breland.

Welcome to the CampaignWiki of our Eberron/Gurps Conversion!

To learn more about the world of Eberron, I recommend reading any Eberron D&D resource; Remember to think of some sort of technology to replace the magic!

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Sharn Segmented

Overview of Sharn

Upper Cogs

Lower Wards

Middle Wards

Upper Wards


Shard: The Clockwork City